At Kencro Chemicals, the health and safety of all parties in contact with Kencro’s products is an integral element of our business. Supervisors and employees are accountable for the safe use of products, machinery and equipment in accordance with federal and provincial law, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and the workplace policies established by Kencro Chemicals. Through compliance with these regulations and practices, employees are trained to responsibly fulfill their job requirements in order to ensure their personal safety, workplace security and community protection.

In accordance with the Workplace Hazard Materials Information System (WHMIS), the management team at Kencro Chemicals ensures that all employees have access to material safety data sheets (MSDS) and provides interpretation of this information.

Kencro Chemicals is proud to provide access to our database of material safety data sheets through this website, as listed under Product Information. Accordingly, we encourage customers to forward this information to the appropriate personnel within their organization.

Throughout the entire distribution chain of our chemical products, Kencro Chemicals strictly adheres to the regulations established by Transport Canada and other government agencies. The personnel of Kencro proactively work with all those who handle, use, and transport our chemicals.

At all times, it remains the priority of Kencro Chemicals Limited to safeguard our workplace, surrounding community and natural environment. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining the standards established by Environment Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Kencro Chemicals upholds the highest ethical standards for the management of chemical products. Accordingly, Kencro Chemicals goal is to reduce and eliminate the environmental impact of its products in order to protect the natural environment. We have taken key steps to accomplish this mandate.

Pollution Control
Kencro Chemicals perceives pollution prevention as a vital element of our business strategy. Our facility has installed the most up-to-date and comprehensive ventilation scrubber system offered in today’s market. This equipment is essential to the reduction of chemical emissions and vapours. Kencro Chemicals is proud to have this system in place.

Preventative Measures
Kencro Chemicals has in place documented Operations & Procedures to ensure employees are properly trained to follow safe work practices while fulfilling customers’ needs. Also in place are a number of Preventative and Protective measures to lower the risk and reduce the potential impact of an emergency. At Kencro Chemicals, the mindset exists that environmental emergencies can be prevented through precautionary policies.

Also in place is a comprehensive “Environmental Emergency Plan” to ensure a timely and appropriate response to any emergency situation. Employees are trained to react calmly and efficiently to various potential emergency situations. Additionally, Kencro Chemicals is certified for 24 hour-a-day emergency assistance with Quantum Environmental and CANUTEC.

The Preventative and Protective measures along with the Environmental Emergency Plan is integral to all functions performed at Kencro Chemicals because it protects the safety of our stakeholders: our employees, customers, community and the environment.